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Sim unlock Sony Xperia Z3 compact

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by adorlytanglao, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. adorlytanglao

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    I already posted this on the official forum of Sony Mobile, i just didnt know if they will be able to answer so i want to try it here.

    I bought my phone online on May 2015, Saudi Arabia. For the next 7-8 months it is working, until I experience issue with sim card. It says "No network", even it work perfectly fine in the beginning. Then i started remembering if I drop the phone, because i concluded its a hardware problem. Because once i had the problem, i tried almost everything including master reset to no avail and changing every possible settings on the network. Up until i decided to have it checked to a local technician to which he said either its hardware problem (that he can try to have it phyiscally open to which i decline) or i need to have it sim unlock to which i need pay. By the way there are some official sony stores in my area but my problem is i cant seem to find any enclosed warranty in the box, and i think the receipt i got from the online store might not work. From what i understand about phones being sim locked is that if you bought the phone from a certain network carrier and wants to transfer to another one, not when the phone suddenly got locked even after using it on certain carrier for a couple of months, again thats what i only understand. So here are actually my issues.

    1. what is the correct option i need to consider to have my issue fix right away?
    2. I dont mind paying an amount to unlock if only its my first time using the phone, so i think its kind of unfair when im already using it. I want to be enlightened on this, like does this normally happen? or was i tricked that i bought a phone that mightve already been used(Im subscribed to a prepaid service, Zain Saudi Arabia)
    3. In relation to #2 how to know if where the phone came from, because upon searching unlocking services online, it would require to choose the country and carrier. For z3 compact it would list a certain number of countries in which Saudi Arabia is not included.
    4. If i really need to have this unlock, which service online are legit. Because there are a lot online, with varying prices an methods. Plus some website looks shady.

  2. girolez

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    If I understand correctly, the phone used to work with the same SIM card that now does not work. If this is the case your problem is nothing to do with network locking - phones do not become locked after previously working as far as I know.

    It could be that the SIM card has failed. Does it work in other phones which normally connect to the same network?

    It could be a hardware fault - anything from dirty or damaged contacts on the SIM/SIM slot to something much more complicated..
  3. adorlytanglao

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    For the first 7-8 months its working, but suddenly stops. My current sim card works when i tried on a different phone. We have the same understanding, but it was the third technician i checked on to and said it is not hardware but it was something about it being sim locked. Apparently, i forgot to make it clear to him that i had it working for the first couple of months. Just an update, i inserted my sim card again and it recognize the network name which is "Zain Saudi Arabia" but just no service. My theory is that if the sim slot is damaged it should even recognize the same sim card.

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