Feb 3, 2011
I'm in the USAF and will be deploying to Afghanistan shortly. I recently switched from Alltel to Verizon due to my disdain for at&t who is taking over Alltel in my area.

I went back and forth between phones in my head before settling on the Droid 2 Global. The big selling point for was the ability to unlock the SIM so I can throw a local SIM in it while I'm in Afghanistan. I called Verizon Global Support in order to try and get the code to unlock it and was told I could not until 60 days after purchase of the phone.

Does anyone have an in at Verizon that might be able to circumvent this 60 day wait? 2 months with out a local SIM in Afghanistan isn't going to kill me, but I'd love to have that ability if possible.
Did you explain your situation? I have heard of them giving the unlock code sooner than their standard policy of 60 days, but I don't know the circumstances. You might try just calling again.
I tried, but the rep told me that me the code for my phone isn't "loaded" until 60 days after purchase.
I don't know if it is against this board's policy to name other boards, if so I apologize, but there are some VZW reps who sometimes post on Howard Forums, you might try posting your question there. The response by your CS rep seem fishy to me.
There is no "loading" of a code. The MSL is generated along with the ESN. keep calling back until you get someone who wil help you. it works