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Simlock block unlock reset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lola Cherry Cola, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Lola Cherry Cola

    Thread Starter

    Firstly before I start, I know I've been a little bit of an idiot.

    I got a Desire, so my sister bagsied my old T Mobile Pulse, however she's swanning off abroad to work for a bit so would need the phone unlocked. I bought an unlock code off a site recommended by several people on the android section of another forum. This didn't work and now all the phone says is "Simlock block unlock reset" with a section to put a code in, even when a T Mobile sim is in the phone.

    I phoned T Mobile assuming they'd know how to fix it but they were completely stumped and have basically said I could try taking it into a T Mobile store to see if they fare any better with it but the bottom line was that my warranty has been voided and they don't think they can do anything.

    Does anyone else have any sort of experience with this or can think of anything I could try? Or have I just gotten myself a nice new paperweight?

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  2. Joanorsky

    Joanorsky Lurker

  3. rajesh_g

    rajesh_g Lurker

    hii..the imei number is 355195030120710. tmobile-uk pulse huawei u8220. please provide the unlock code. thank you.
  4. rex3352

    rex3352 Lurker

    i can solve "Simlock block unlock reset" problem with 4 codes. delivery time is 1-2 biz days. more info,pls contact me at rex3352@gmail.com
  5. rex3352

    rex3352 Lurker

    btw,the 4 codes are from Huawei database.
  6. rex3352

    rex3352 Lurker


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