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Simple Calculator

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mitesh1004, Jan 1, 2022.

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    Simple Calculator is a Multi-Function Smart Calculator that is completely free to use! It's also possible to perform many calculations on this superior Calculator App!
    It may also be used as a regular calculator because it has percent calculations and arithmetic operations, as well as a basic function calculator and a memory function.
    For Multiple-Calculations, it is possible to compare the calculation of a store that is similar to or money at the same time.
    Here is a List of calculators are included:

    Standard Calculator
    • Maintains the functionality of a pocket calculator while adding parentheses and math operators.
    • Performs arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) on both numbers (positive/ negative) as we perform on normal Calculator.

    BMI Calculator
    Body mass index (BMI) is an estimate of body fat based on height and weight.
    It does not directly measure body fat but instead approximates it using an equation. BMI may be used to determine if a person is overweight or healthy.
    EMI Calculator
    The EMI Calculator is a special type of Calculator that calculates your loan's EMI.
    EMI will be calculated on the basis of Principal amount, Interest rate, Tenure.
    Age Calculator
    This easy calculator can calculate the age of any person with the help of the Birthdate.
    There is no need to type today's date since *age Calculator* will automatically calculate today's date.
    Age Calculator will calculate age in Year, Month & Days.
    Percentage Calculator
    You can easily plan & calculate a number's percentage value.
    For example, you can figure out what 15% of 19979 is.
    Unit Converter
    It contains many unit conversions and includes the Distance, Area, Volume, Weight, Time, Temperature, Power, Speed, Energy, Force conversions.
    Easily convert Length units into an inch, foot, yard, various miles, kilometer, meter, centimeter, mile.

    Discount Calculator
    The purchase amount, including the initial price and the discount %, is obtained immediately. This allows you to calculate several discounts rapidly.
    You can find the saved final amount price.
    Unlimited favorite conversions for quick access
    GST Calculator
    You can set a custom tax rate calculator
    All entered values and selections are saved for quick access next time you open the app
    Tax value and the total price will be calculated as you type
    Works with large numbers
    Numerals Converter
    This excellent calculator can convert Between Binary, Octal, Decimal & Hexadecimal. You can convert decimal to binary, binary to octal, etc.
    All the Conversion in one calcuator app!
    Speed Calculator
    It can be covert all the speed units such as (feet/second, kilometer/hour, knots, meter/seconds, miles/hour, etc. )
    Sales Tax Calculator
    Simply add Tax Rate & Original Price to get Tax amount & Total price, including tax.
    Sales Tax Calculator is a simple all-in-one culculator for calculating sales tax.
    Date Calculator
    It is the best calculator to calculate the years, months, days between two dates in years, months, days.
    Tip Calculator
    Calculate tip and split the bill
    Calculate tip by adding no. of the total person, bill amount, and tip amount.
    Separate your bill amount per person and calculate the total bill amount.
    Unit Price Calculator
    It facilitates in calculating the unit pricing based on the total price and quantity.
    You can also compare unit costs.
    Designed with simplicity in mind, it helps you solve everyday problems.
    This free calculator app does everything from simple or complex calculations to unit and currency conversions, percentages, proportions, areas, volumes, etc. Additionally, the complete Calculator is a calculator for free.

    This adding machine (all in one Calculator) will cover you with all the calculation functions..

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