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Simple calendar wanted like one on Sony P1i phone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Basil Fawlty, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Basil Fawlty

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    Jul 10, 2011

    Jul 10, 2011
    Hi guys. Please can you help!?!?

    I've finally swapped from my old but trusty Sony P1i phone with Symbian UIQ 3 operating system to a bright shiny new Samsung Galaxy S (sadly not the SII) with updated Gingerbread OS. I like it a lot.

    BUT....the Gingerbread calendar sucks big time. :( I've been to Android Market and downloaded 6-7 of the most popular free apps and widgets to try and find one I like but they all seem really over complicated and use far to much colour everywhere.

    What I'm looking for is a plain, simple, quick and easy to use calendar like the one I had on my Sony P1i. You know the sort, one that works but doesn't need a day to set up and a degree in computer science to use. I'm quite happy to pay whatever is necessary for the right calendar app, it doesn't have to be free.

    In general I like to view one day at a time and usually I have at least 8-10 appointments per day which I'd like to be able to view all on the screen at the same time in list form. I also use a reminder alarm a lot. I don't need to attach pictures, enter Location (what is that for by the way???) or Time Zone. The key thing is it has to be simple and uncluttered.

    Can anyone suggest a proper standalone calendar that I don't have to use with Google Calendar online that fits my needs???

    To help I've attached some screen shots of the old calendar I had on the P1i to help show what I'm trying to get...

    Thanks in advance!


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