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Simple Data Usage/Wifi App

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kryptonic_84cj7, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. kryptonic_84cj7

    Thread Starter

    I've got no idea on how to make an app but if someone does I think this would be simple and I'd love to have this on my kids Nexus 7's.....

    Monitor data usage (specifically wifi), and turn off wifi when a daily limit is reached. Then the next day reset the data counter and turn the wifi back on.

    We have a monthly limit on our data usage and I would like to allow our kids to use the internet, but not use up all of our data plan. An app like this would allow them to use a certain amount of data each day.

    So anyone good with making apps want to give me a hand here?

    There are apps that are really fancy that do this exact thing with mobile data but not with wifi data.


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    There are a few apps that do that sort of thing. Try My Data Manager or 3G Watchdog. I think one of them shuts you off when you reach the set limit, on either 3G or Wifi - you can set them individually, and set the time period.

    The problem is that most kids know how to use and reset these apps, so unless you have parental controls set up, they can just override them.
  3. kryptonic_84cj7

    Thread Starter

    Yup, I tried My Data Manager and I looked through 3G Watchdog, both will disable the 3G connection if a limit is hit but they won't disable the wifi connection. My Data Manager will actually alert if a wifi limit is reached, but it won't "pop up" over youtube, so my kids wouldn't notice it until it was too late.

    On the kids figuring out how to override, yup I'm sure they would, but that would result in the device being taken away. :) Mine are still young enough to not be outright defiant...


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