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Simple Droid root instructions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by qoncept, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. qoncept

    qoncept Newbie
    Thread Starter

    When I rooted my Droid last week I had a hard time finding complete and easy to follow instructions for rooting the Droid and noticed many people struggling with them. I wrote my own guide to try to clarify the process.

    Gaining root access - Droidipedia

  2. aloha hailey

    aloha hailey Newbie

    awesome,.. I've yet to see anyone supply the "undo" instructions. Thanks
  3. DevMcLovin

    DevMcLovin Lurker

    Thanks for the link. I may try rooting my droid now.
  4. ldougherty

    ldougherty Member

    ty very much, this will assist me when I'm ready.
  5. lekky

    lekky Lover

    Added to Droid How To's. Thanks for the effort with this qoncept
  6. Shroomzor

    Shroomzor Lurker

    Thanks, going to try it out now. Will post results.

    EDIT: Wow, downloaded the pre-made update.zip, transfered it to my sd card, and booted into recovery mode. Took about 5 seconds to flash and it rebooted and now I'm rooted.

    This was almost too easy.

  7. vonfeldt7

    vonfeldt7 Well-Known Member

    Worked flawlessly, now I just have to play the waiting game... (wait for custom Roms for the Droid).
  8. eclipse0007

    eclipse0007 Lurker

    afer i download the file do i rename the file update.zip were wen u open it there r two other files in side
  9. eclipse0007

    eclipse0007 Lurker

    i dont if i write the zip name on the fold
  10. eclipse0007

    eclipse0007 Lurker

    the file is in a winzip format is that ok then i changed it to update.zip then put it in the sd card is that rite
  11. Nice, thanks. Actually rooted from the phone. Downloaded update.zip, moved to root of the SD card, updated. Also, as a precaution/fallback, I renamed the official firmware update.zip and put that in the root of the SD. Just in case.
  12. Shroomzor

    Shroomzor Lurker

    Man, I just can't install busybox.

    I keep getting permission errors.
  13. mikehall112

    mikehall112 Lurker

    are you suppose to delete the old update.zip file on the SD card. I did the manual update
  14. qoncept

    qoncept Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Winzip format will have a .zip extension, you probably have them hidden for known file types (default in Windows). It's probably right, but to double check, google "hide extension for known file types" to see how to turn that off.
  15. qoncept

    qoncept Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If there's one still there, yeah, go ahead and delete it or just overwrite it with the new one.
  16. javapop

    javapop Newbie

    I have followed directions via droidipedia.

    Keep getting the error:
    E: Cant open /cache/recovery/command

    I verified the md5 checksum via MD5, and it matches up fine. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?
  17. javapop

    javapop Newbie

    I may be mistaken; I tried using terminal, and typing su, get a #

    YET, when trying to use Screen Capture, it doesn't seem to work, with a note at bottom "YOUR SCREEN NEED TO BE ROOTED"

    Is there a good app that'll let me know if I have rooted the device?
  18. drocksixers

    drocksixers Lurker

    Do you keep your phone number, contacts, and all other information after the root?
  19. dopeismarcus

    dopeismarcus Newbie

    once you root the droid can you unroot? the same goes for custom roms and etc.? i'm wondering because incase the droid messes up and i have to take it back to verizon can you flash it back to stock?
  20. tgeiger

    tgeiger Lurker

    where can i get the update.zip file??
  21. adr3nalin3

    adr3nalin3 Newbie

    link doesn't work?

    "MediaWiki internal error.

    Exception caught inside exception handler"

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