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Simple Quick robocopy sync with itunes or other library METHOD

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by djmoogaloo, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Jul 6, 2010

    Jul 6, 2010
    Had been using an ipod for years and got my new Samsung Galaxy S phone and trawled through the internet looking for solutions from migrating from my itunes library to something that can sync to my phone.

    Looked at media monkey and Double Twist and decided to give dt a go. It took a while to process my itunes library (just over 5000 tunes / 22GB) but seemed to do it ok, next stage sync to the phone. It took 4 hours and a resync with nothing to do took 1 hour. But ok maybe I can live with this.

    All the music apps on the phone all saw compilation album tracks as different albums which was anoying except for the double twist app, but the double twist app mixed up all my album and artist names with the song titles, so when playing or browsing the only thing that would be correct was the song. Blimy I thought this is getting ridiculous.

    Being in IT I had used microsofts robocopy many a time it has lots of options, but the easiest to use is the /MIR mirror option.

    So I wiped out the dt synced library and used robocopy to the copying for me.

    I went into itunes and made sue the library was consolidated
    Then I browsed to the itunes music folder and copied the path
    Took a note of the path for where I wanted the music to go
    Then typed robocopy {Itunes music path} {Android phone music Path} /MIR at the command prompt.

    I checked 2 hours later and it had finished. I don't know how long it actually took, but the only restriction would be the SD card.

    Everything now works on my phone with compilations listed correctly extect the dt app which asks you to sync with dt.

    A Resync by rerunning this command should only take minutes to check that nothing needs to be added/removed or updated (Untested)

    I am using mixzing which seems a logical and responsive music player which has an obvious shuffle all button which I like

    A few things to note about this process.

    1) It assumes that your phone can play the miusic in your itunes folder as is without transcoding (which it probably can)

    2) The Mirror option will remove anything at the destination which does not exist on the source, so use carefully and make sure you don't get them the wrong way round! If in doubt backup


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