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Simple Request: Show me the best working marvelc virgin mobile rom?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by willpower101, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. willpower101

    willpower101 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Virgin Mobile CMDA MarvelC Wildfire S - Goldcard S-OFF
    Last updated / rooted in May 2012

    I rooted this phone months ago, but link2sd never worked properly so I have 1mb of space free and I just want to redo everything.

    I have tried xda devs hensemod, wildchild, and some other one, but they all have force closes, some don't show data, the launcher crashes. Basically NOTHING works right.

    This is all I want:
    A MarvelC from that works with Virgin
    Includes Google apps, will sync my purchases, includes facebook, SENSE, and a wifi hotspot.
    (Oh and works with link2sd or data2sd)

    That's it. I want to clear my memory and have this thing up and running in 30 minutes. (I've spent about SIX HOURS flashing roms that don't work on this phone)

    Also, if someone could recommend why link2sd or data2sd is better?

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  2. zeft64

    zeft64 Well-Known Member

    Well when it comes to data2sd as long as you have a fast sd card (class 4 and up) Ψ your good and everything gets put on your ext partition. With link2sd you could get away with a class 2 and it only moves what you tell it to, you still run out of space pretty fast with that though :-\

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