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simple review of the 4.5-inch budget phone

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by rayyyyyy, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. rayyyyyy

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    Recently, I got the vkworld F1 from gearbest with a price of $49.99. This phone turns out to be ok as a entry-level phone. I love the size of it. I can totally use it with one hand. It is convenient when I am standing in a bus trying to use my phone.
    The dual SIM and dual standby feature is nice for some businessmen. The 5MP camera isn't quite excellent but it can handle daily shooting. Because of small screen and power-saving chipset, the battery can make it through a day.
    The screen is actually very tough, which can survive normal drops in daily life. Even when you use scissors to scratch it, there is no mark left there.
    Anyway, this is a pretty solid budget phone which can handle daily tasks. I don;t regret buying it.

  2. repunzelaodi

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    Funny video, I also feel like buy this phone a little

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