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Simple TV Launcher Question

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by harmonyjim, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. harmonyjim

    harmonyjim Lurker
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    I've installed Simple TV Launcher by Alexandre Del Bigio.


    I very much like this bare bones home screen. I changed the wallpaper to something that really stands out.

    But there is one annoying problem with this launcher.

    I go to MyApps and launch an app. When I leave the app, I am taken all the way back to Home Screen. I would like to remian in Myapps, with option of choosing another app, if I wish, before returning to Home Screen. Is there any way I can currently do this with this Launcher?

    Everytime, I go to Myapps, the apps icons take a few seconds to load. So being able to stay in MyApps after exiting an app, would save time and my remote's batteries.

    I would appreciate if, somehow, Mr. Del Bigio could respond to this.

    I am running Android on a MyGica ATV1800 tv box.

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