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Simply Stunning 4.7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Highland Ranger, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Am I the only one who installed 4.7?

    Noticed that ROM manager did not show it as an update but did have the file.

    Seems to have fixed much of the sluggish return to home screen issues even with the stock launcher.

    Installed right over 4.6 without wipe or clear.

    Also switched from 1100 lv to 1250 mv - - and somehow phone is running cooler.

    Jury is still out on battery life.

    Any impressions out there?

  2. Jedii

    Jedii Android Expert

    Installing now. Have you had any issues at all??
  3. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No issues, few more doo-dads, home screen lag seems to be better so far (as in nominal) and heat much better but that may be a kernel thing.
  4. Jedii

    Jedii Android Expert

    Awesome. I have never ran a Chevy rom. Love his kernels though. This will give me something to do all day :)
  5. VIO

    VIO Android Enthusiast

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  6. jimmydickens

    jimmydickens Newbie

    I had Gmail force close issues. The fix was to "clear data" under "settings-->applications-->manage applications-->Gmail"

    Wish there was more customizations like CM6 (custom notification colors, lock-screen music controls).

    I don't like how he implemented screen-off music controls, so I just disabled them. My preference is simply long-press volume skip/back. Nothing else.

    Streaming music is FIXED! Pandora sounds much much better now.

    Great ROM though, so I'll stick with it for now...
  7. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  8. scottsdca

    scottsdca Newbie

    Has anybody else had a keyboard issue where the % and & are supposed to be? Some kind of glitch.
  9. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert

    I just installed this rom and it's terrible for me. It chewed up 30% of my batter in 30 minutes, it's the slowest my phone has EVER been, and I could probably cook an egg on the phone right now it's so hot.
  10. digdug1

    digdug1 Android Expert

    my phone runs hot on this rom as well. however 30 minutes isn't enough time to determine battery life. i have noticed when i flash roms in general, my phone will often display incorrect battery measurements. i usually give it at least a full charge to judge.
  11. Oandroid

    Oandroid Newbie

    Mine was doing this when I went over 1000. Temp would rise extremely fast, then it would either freeze the phone, or kick me out of whatever I was doing and go back to the home screen. So I set it at 1000 max and now works fine.
  12. glitch32

    glitch32 Well-Known Member

    **Sorry, this is going to be a little off topic here, but...**
    Is this a common issue? I just noticed that Pandora sounds awful in my car, and it used to sound pretty good. Is this just a ROM issue?
  13. bjamerican

    bjamerican Member

    I installed SS 4.7 and then immediately uninstalled it. It does not fix the AAC+ streaming audio issues as the author claims. Still sounds like the audio is playing back at a sampling rate of 22 kHz or lower.
  14. glitch32

    glitch32 Well-Known Member

    That's how mine sounds right now...
  15. Oandroid

    Oandroid Newbie

    I haven't cycled through as many roms as some of the other people, but it definitely sounds 100 times much better on this particular rom. Without a doubt the best sounding pandora.
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  16. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As I mentioned mine runs cooler with the 1250mv vs the 1000lv - so I guess excessive heat means change the kernel. After a few days, battery life is ok, but still going to need some tweaking on how the cpu clocks

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