Root Simply Stunning - Want Stock Theme PLUS Battery %?


OK everyone - you ask and you shall receive. Patcher to put battery % in the stock SS theme

Just install as a regular - oh yea, notice how I'm not replacing the entire apk, but am able to update with just my changes? New - I intend to use it to update full themes with a tiny package

Add battery % to stock theme


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I downloaded the second version, but I lost the % once it hit 90.

Is it set to 20 increments and doesn't display anything at the 10s?


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Chevy - just posted on your 8.1.10 froyo kernal over at and have a question here since I see your here as well :)

I plan to do

1. Chevy's SS Froyo 4.6 found in ROM Manager first
2. Chevy's "froyo kernals" found in ROM Manager next
3. buy SetCPU to be able to adjust the CPU speed of the

if I then want this ability of the battery % - after I do the above - you say "just install as a regular" so I download this zip, rename it "", put it into root of my SD card, boot into bootloader (power + X), install this "".. just like that? do you have to wipe data/cache or just that simple?