Since the welcoming message was so welcoming...

Hello everyone. I have been a geek for all of my entire 16 years on this planet, and I had the opportunity to get my first android phone a few months ago. I love tweaking with settings on phones, so after having a few launchers I decided time to root. Hours later, i was starting to regret that decision.

Essentially here was the problem: I had installed that leaked version of Gingerbread on my Droid X. It worked well, but I think it screwed up everything about flashing Roms (i even question to what extent was my phone rooted). I spent hours searching old threads on this forum and others with no avail. I even had a friend who has been doing this for months on skype assisting me. Eventually i stumbled upon this thread here: . When it worked, I figured I had to make an account to thank these guys. Look forward to posting on the forums from here on out.