sipdroid 2.2 setup

Hi all,

I was using Siproid for a while, but they deleted my pbxes account because I didn't get to adding some information soon enough. Well, I downloaded the latest version of sipdroid (for a fresh start). However there is a problem.

According to the sipdroid website, "The 'Create Free Account' button had to be temporarily removed, until more capacity is added to the PBXes platform planned for May 2011. However, it is still possible to create free accounts manually at the PBXes website. Adding Google™ Voice trunks requires a paid account at this time. Existing users are not affected by the change."

I would like to know how to do this manual setup - something like a step-by-step. I really liked having sipdroid, and would like to have it connected to PBxes and my google voice. I've looked around a lot and can't find anything that I can understand.

Thanks ahead for your help.