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SipDroid setup for betamax VOIP servers

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PhoenixFx, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. PhoenixFx

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    Today I spent hours and hours trying to get SipDroid working with 12voip, a betamax VOIP service. But I couldn’t get it to connect. I tried the settings given in 12voip sip settings page (server : sip.12voip.com) and then some other servers I came across while looking for a way to get it working (i.e connectionserver2.12voip.com etc.) but none of them worked.

    Then I came across this blog post which explains how to tunnel your sip calls though pbxex.org to 12voip (or any betamax service for that matter). However there is a delay/lag of a couple of seconds , but call quality is pretty good. The lag is annoying at times, but I guess its better than nothing.

    If any of you have managed to get 12voip or any other betamax service with SipDroid (or any other SIP client) directly, please post here.

  2. Drewray

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  3. jens_f

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    Don't know if it is still of interest.
    I didn't try Sipdroid, but I have tried Fring (fring.com)
    It's free and it works! It works over WiFi (WLAN as we say in Germany) as well as over 3G (UMTS, HSDPA).
    I have an HTC-Desire.
    Fring has their own rates ( I don't use that) but you can also specify a SIP based voip-provider. Such as joistvoip.com (a Betamax product) which I use
    The only thing I didn't get to work is, that my caller-ID is not displayed at the other side.
    And I don't know exactly where the fring app gets all the contacts after installing fring. I'd like to be able to configure this (some I would like to have in fring, and some are missing).
    All in all it works fine, although it's not perfect - but what is perfect... ;-)

    I'm still looking for a similar app that allows to show the caller-ID
  4. Bob Denny

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