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Sirius xm app available now!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hsoj1006, May 28, 2010.

  1. hsoj1006

    hsoj1006 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Don't be discouraged if you dont have a DROID or NExus One. I installed this directly to my Droid Eris and it works great!

    TIP: If you make an email adress once a week (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc), you can use that to login every week, therefore giving you FREE Satellite Radio.

  2. jmonahan

    jmonahan Newbie

    Where did you find it? i do not see it in the market?
  3. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Android Expert

  4. I checked the market earlier and couldn't find it. A few hours later I got an email announcing the release. If you go to http://www.siriusxm.com/androidthey will email you a link to download the app.
  5. hsoj1006

    hsoj1006 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    you have to go to the siriusxm.com website. there is a link there for Android phones, then enter your email (usually your google mail that is associated to your phone), and they send you the download link.
  6. jmonahan

    jmonahan Newbie

    listening now, works great on my sprint hero!
  7. I just tested the app out on my Eris, and it sounds very good. Everything seems to function well within the app so far.
  8. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    Kool as soon as I went to the site it offered to download the .APK, kool, Hope we can update when the app has one, LOL

  9. aosinc

    aosinc Lurker

    Anyone try it on the HTC EVO for those lucky enough to have it ?
  10. gripweed

    gripweed Android Enthusiast

    Damn...I really want that so I can have Howard anywhere, but $3 a month is ridiculous when I'm already paying as much as I am.

    That merger really hosed us.
  11. DroidPower

    DroidPower Android Enthusiast

    works great, downloaded the App and played away...
  12. nickmnusa

    nickmnusa Newbie

    Works awesome on my incredible even when I am in 1X signal area. On a side note howard stern is not included in any of siriusxm's apps I believe he has something in his contract, however Opie and Anthony is on 202/197 and is sort of the same content. Also if you already have the $2.99/month extra charge for online streaming you dont have to buy an extra one for this and your password will work on multiple phones at the same time. my wife has the Eris and it works well on hers while I listen to mine on my Incredible with the same password.
  13. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Android Expert

    I think I've spent 90% of today with Sirius rolling in my ears or car. This is now my favorite app!
  14. OstrichSaK

    OstrichSaK Android Expert

    Do you need to have an existing Sirius or XM membership to use this or no?
  15. cotten516

    cotten516 Lurker

    Because without Howard, they won't get a dime from me.
  16. nickmnusa

    nickmnusa Newbie

    You can sign up for a 7 day trail otherwise yes you need a subscription with the online feature activated which is $2.99 per month
  17. b1gg134

    b1gg134 Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure Mel is sitting around wondering where cotten516's money is. :rolleyes:

    The app works great.
  18. gripweed

    gripweed Android Enthusiast

    O&A and Howard are not the same content. O&A are garbage and Stern is a legend. But that's a different argument for another time.

    I'd get this, but I don't think I'd ever use it. Especially if Howard isn't available. I can get my hockey team on flycast, so that's the only must have for me for when I get stuck somewhere.
  19. nickmnusa

    nickmnusa Newbie

    Did I bash howard? No. I simply offered an alternative and yes it is simaler its shock jock content. If you dont have anything productive to say save it. Ive had it with trolls like you on this site you are pretty tough behind a keyboard.
  20. matwal

    matwal Lurker

    How come I cant find the sirius app on my phone once installed to make a shortcut...... do i have to go to website each time to run it...:thinking:

  21. aosinc

    aosinc Lurker

    Will someone please see if they can stream Howard 100 & 101 thrue skyfire? I have an Evo on pre-order and if I can't listen to howard some way I may have to stick to my TP2

    Thanks for your help
  22. Extr3m1st

    Extr3m1st Well-Known Member

    Is the mad dog russo sports radio show/channel included in this app?
  23. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Android Expert

    Yeah it's awesome sitting and listening to Howard babble about nothing interesting for three hours.

    Been trying to "get" Stern since the early 1990's, never got anywhere. His supporting cast has always been way more fun.
  24. qwho

    qwho Newbie

    I like O&A better, I listened to stern a lot when he was still on regular radio, and I when he left I found O&A. I was gifted xm for a bday present a while back and Howard wasn't yet available, so I stuck with them. I got the lifetime sub now and tried getting back into howard and I found him boring. Sorry I don't want to hear playboy girls and inside jokes I don't get. I see why long term listeners like him though, so even though it's not for me I don't have a personal vendetta against him because I am an O&A fan or anything.

    Whats horrible is my lifetime subscription doesn't cover online listening. I would gladly pay 50 or 60 dollars one time fee for this forever...even in addition to my regular lifetime sub. They should offer that.
  25. rhippler

    rhippler Well-Known Member

    Why did they not just put this in the market?

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