Sep 18, 2015
Its hard to read with my new phone hereView attachment 101541
Funny it is called android forms but my android (old and smalll) phone doesnt seem to be fit here... I miss my first tablet! My new games dont work!!
My profile pic is an easter egg of android GINGERBREAD WITH ZOMBIES IN BACKGROUND .. just 4.1. Not too young to be latest and not too old to be true
sorry, but i found out that your message is stuck at the very edge lol
Old device isues

My former device is a cheap but a newer model, but i accedentally broke it. So i just used my old mom's phone...
Batman! It is all of the page's threads.. better if they implement a mobile page here since it's for android.. odd and irony!

Pages should render properly regardless of what device they're viewed on.

What device and browser are you using?

I'll spin off the posts not relevant to this thread in to a separate one in the Feedback section so admin are aware and can investigate.
Ahhh... i found out that my browser is the fault. The browser i think doesnt support mobile pages thats why its hard to browse here... my 2.3 device is like a apart of android ancient history... should bring it to a google museum i think