Help Skips SD card and boot orginal os.


Hello I have a small problem with my tab maybe you can give me some feed back. The tablet will not boot to the sd card it loads the normal OS and when it done it saying preparing the sd card. I will give you some info i have on the tablet. I have formated the sd card the correct way as well as tired different roms. Any information would be great. Here are the specs on the unit:
Green led / no vibe when start up/black audio port

model # M7206#87
droid version 2.3.3
Kernel version
build # GRI40

  • Operating System: Android 2.2
  • Type: Tablet PC
  • CPU Speed: 800MHZ
  • Memory Capacity: 2GB
  • Graphics Card Type: Integrated Card
  • Screen Type: Resistance Screen
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 2GB
  • Network Technology: Wireless
  • Function Comb: WIFI
  • Screen Size: 7 inch 7"
  • Processor Type: Intel Pentium
  • Processor: Android 2.2
  • Google Android2.2 system support Flash10.1
    *support 32GB TF card highest
    *2GB (FAT disk format)
    *CPU:VIA MW8650
    *system:android 2.2+256M DDR2+800M frequency
    *7 inches 800 * 480 resolution TFT , 4 line type high precision flat-screen full panel


Yes this is exactly the same problem, it means that the SD card is not inserted properly, it needs to go all the way into the slot or the gold contacts are not connecting properly and the card is not being read. Even worse, because the device is actually trying ("preparing SD card") it means it is sending electricty into the card on the points where it is getting some contact and that could damage the card. What to do: take the card out, wait about 3 seconds. Now this time push it in all the way. This is far past the point where you think you should stop pushing it. When you've done it correctly the card is buried inside the device. You may need to use something to help you push it that last little bit, but do it gently. Getting the card back, unless you have the right kind of finger nails you will need to find something to help you push the card again so it will eject (to eject, push first then pull).