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Sky Vega Racer 2 (A830l)

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 5, 2013.

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    - Bought a Sky Vega Racer 2 (A830l) a month back. Everything else is good but there's some issue with coverage of the mobile. Whenever I insert some USIM (Sim Card) it shows, ''No Service/Emergency Calls Only''. Got an International software done on it but still it didn't help out. Some suggested to get its baseband rom flashed but as I'm just a beginner and a kid so don't know how to do that. Googled a lot but still couldn't find any solution. Went to Singapore plaza (Saddar, Rawalpindi) and asked number of the shop keepers but they couldn't help me out. Actually, I've already heard that there's some solution so that's why asking all the experts to help me out. I don't think so that there'd be some problem with hardware. Really getting frustrated as I'm not able to make a call, neither able to text someone. Help, please? Anyone?


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    Are you sure that the SIM card you had was good? Also, maybe the SIM port isn't working?

    Does the phone manufacturer give you the flashing tools? Might be worth asking.
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