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Skype and MSN Messenger

Discussion in '3' started by JamesFoster, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. JamesFoster

    JamesFoster Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I bought an unbranded HTC Desire 2 months ago. Last night I accessed:
    Three - Welcome to Three
    through the cellular connection (not Wi-Fi). I saw the download links for Skype and Windows Live (MSN) Messenger.
    There is also a download link for Spotify and 2 months trial (free of charge).
    I thought some People would want to know this.
    I've installed all 3 (no pun intended) apps and they all work very well. Spotify is so addictive.

  2. neblap

    neblap Newbie

    You can only download them if 3 says the phone is compatible. My son brought a Samsung GT-540 yesterday and when he attempted to download MSN Messenger app it told him that it was not compatible with his phone. :(

    Luckily I have the HTC Hero on 3 and already had the MSN Messenger app installed. So using File Manager, I backed the app up, and then copied the back-up .apk to his phone and installed it for him. Now he can talk on MSN whilst out and about without using any of his internet allowance. \o/ :D

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