Oct 21, 2011
Niagara Falls, Ontario
I have a GS3 w/ Skype. WHen I get a message it shows in the notification pulldown menu with the picture of the person who sent me the messeage. Recently I upgraded to an S5 and and use Skype as well. On the S5 when I get a message instead of the persons picture I get a random colored box with the 1st letter of the persons name.

Why would the GS3 show me their picture but the more advanced S5 only show the 1st letter of their name?

****How can I make the S5 show the picture of the person who sent me the message on the pulldown notification menu like the S3 is doing???

Both phones are on the same WIFI connection. The S5 has a SIM and the S3 does not because I am using the SIM that was it the S3 in the S5 now but I still keep the GS3 connected to WIFI.

Seems starge the S5 does not want to show Skype contact pictures.