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Jun 21, 2010
I've looked at other Skype threads but being a little bit simple I can't actually understand - can I use Skype on my Nexus One in the UK? If it is possible, can someone give me a really SIMPLE explanation as to how to do it? Many thanks!
P.S. I have a son in New Zealand and would really like to be able to call him without it being really expensive!
From the unbeatable site..
" At the moment 3 in the UK exclusively offers Skype on their handsets. It only works with 3 contracts and only over 3G, not WiFi (we still dont get that). If you try an find it on the Android Marketplace you will fail miserably, it is only available through the 3 site or bundled on one of their Skype branded"


"Brianna Reynaud, a member of the Skype PR team had this to say in an email correspondence:
"We will be bringing a direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace later this year. This application will be available for all consumers globally to download regardless of carriers. (i.e. similar to how we offer the iPhone app today)""

But from here skype on android - Android Market Help

this...." i popped into a three store yesterday... to ask if there was any new information on this whole skype debarcle.... and amazingly... the guy downloaded skype to my phone then and there... apparently it's recently become available to download via the three mobile pages... if you have a three branded handset you should download via planet three... or for an unbranded handset just pop into a store or call via 123 since it's free to three customers... they'll tell you the mobile site address... :) :) :) "

I'm on 3uk and will, this week, be buying a cheapo phone from 3 for my husband (he is only interested in something that texts and calls - complete technophobe, he is, :rolleyes: the cross I have to bear......:eek:
I will check it out and report back.
Ok, found this page Three - Internet & Services - Call & chat - Skype

followed the "is your phone compatible" link - chose Desire as Nexus isn't an option and I know Desire now has Froyo and ticked "phone not bought from 3.
It returned as not being compatible.:mad:

Doing the same thing but choosing Wildfire - it would be compatible.

I only half understand all this FROYO & SKYPE on 3 Mobile - Nexus One Forum - Google Phone Forum
but the impression I get is that the Skype/android thing hasn't caught up with Froyo yet.
Supporting the above [APP] 3UK - Skype on 3 UK - Free skype calls over 3uk - Page 11 - xda-developers

Sorry, I haven't really provided a simple answer......... but I think the answer is No, no Skype yet (I would be delighted to be told I'm wrong) unless you are on 3UK and running 2.1, and pretending you have a wildfire (not even sure that would work, TBH)

There was some talk of using Fring (from the marketplace) but the comments from there suggest Skype is no longer part of that package.
I got a Three SIM today to try it, and I got the link for Skype but it then recognised my phone and said it wasn't compatible. :(
here are some ideas:
1) Maybe you can try to use as less as you can resources on your phone - uninstall all unnecessery app.
2) install some app for overclock to get more performance
3) uninstall HTC sense
4) install some other version of android (other named) which have better performance instead of fancy visualisation

5) 4) + 2) :)

I have same problem, but I am new user of android and I havent time right now.
notice: changing system you probably lose qurantee, but if you find way to turn it back... I don`t know
Nope absolutely nope. read my post :
Alright people! This is the situation; there are many out there like myself a few hours ago absolutely doing your nut in because goddamn skype won't work properly! Yea, I know the android software for skype is on the market however it is a real architectural disaster! You download it and you might experience a continuum of devastating cracking sounds in the background rendering the conversation you wish to indulge in absolutely incomprehensible. Even better, I am a "3" customer and this is the best part - bought a phone the other day which was SIMLOCK FREE, notice that network phones usually blocked and three handsets have modified software which means that there was NO "3 customer products/software" on it such as skype. It is a totally different application to the android market skype - the only issue with that is it will only work through your phone's internet and you must be a 3 customer - for those that aren't on three this information is going to be frustrating but I am not here to brag or put you down but to try and help as much as I can. Skype have really annoyed me with locking Fring and Nizzbuzz(i think that's the right name) out denying the use of their application - they really haven't helped themselves there, yet more annoyingly their technical department ought to be sacked for keeping us loyal customers waiting for such a long time and let us wait further...seriously, they ought to be customer driven and at the rate its going they will lose decent customers.

Anyhow, for 3 customers type in google: Three UK "Skype" APK - Android @ MoDaCo (I didn't read the agreement with regards to these posts therefore I am not putting the web page in), press on the first link and download the zip. Then, get you're sd card out of the phone, plug it into an adapter, open the zip and transfer the file in the zip to the mini sd card, place it back into your phone, download FileBrowser Silver Lite from android market on your phone, install the application work it and voila. My poor wildfire works perfectly! - where before I had that weird shuttering/cracking noise now it's crystal clear. For the rest of you I hope that skype will sort something out because they are treating you with contempt and I have lost a lot of respect for them. Best of luck to all of you.

BASICALLY ITS THE SKYPE ANDROID APP problem, my wildfire has version 2.2 - i didn't get a chance to read the info advising not to upgrade but its done now and I can't go back or overclock my system but it's definitely not the phone's fault as my skype works perfectly.
The standard Market Skype App works (well, on my N1 2.3.4..it does).

I'm on 3 but used the standard APP not any 3 stuff. Use it to 'phone the wife when away for extended periods & son in OZ. Works OK & seriously cheaper than standard 3 charges..

Download APP, get registered with Skype (I think I did this from my Linux Laptop..) then start using.. Put money on the account if not doing Skype<=>Skype calls. (If I, a 63yr-old retired bloke can manage it so might most punters...)

However, now the evil Empire (Micro...) has bought Skype I'm planning on dropping Skype for something similar when my money on it runs out..

btw I suspect in a few more years as GOOG keeps growing it will start behaving more & more like an evil empire too... (as do almost all large corporations.... several of whom I've worked for ... )
I installed the Skype on my Nexus One, and when I put it to my face during a call, the proximity sensor shuts down the call. I take it away from my face, and it works again. Any ideas?