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Skype mobile stopped working after update1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jinwons, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hello, I'm a new comer on this forum.
    I got my Ally about a month ago. So far I like it overall, though it feels a little slow at times. I installed the update1 pushed out to me couple weeks ago from verizon. After that, the Skype mobile doesn't open with error message. I tried removing and reinstalling it, then it worked again. But it's screwed up again after rebooting the phone. I had to repeat this twice. Sorry if this was discussed before. But is there any solution to this problem?

  2. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It's been several days, but still no one chimes in? So none of folks here are having skype issue or don't care about it? Maybe I can try using google voice instead...
  3. bhl62

    bhl62 Member

    I just got prompted for an update this morning and after I installed it Skype mobile (previously installed from the Market) showed up as com..... I uninstalled and reinstalled from the market and it started working. Restarted the phone and it was back to com...

    I figured this had to do with Skype being included in the last update, so I uninstalled it again and restarted the phone. The Skype mobile icon reappeared in the applications list.

    My recommendation would be to uninstall Skype Mobile before installing the OTA update.
  4. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info.
    I also figured that Skype mobile reappeared on the app icon list after I uninstalled it, rebooted. This one seems to work fine even after rebooting the phone. Good to see it's not just me. As you said, it's was probably included in update or out of box.
    But the default one in Ally seems to be older version than the one from android market and doesn't work over WiFi. Maybe we can try the other Skype for android (not the Skype mobile for verizon) available from market. That might not conflict with default skype in Ally.
  5. bhl62

    bhl62 Member

    The regular version of Skype will only work on WiFi in the US according to the disclaimer it displays.

    Skype Mobile for Verizon was designed by Skype & VZ to work on VZ's 3G network and does not do WiFi. Prior to this version VOIP was not allowed on 3G.

    Skype Mobile routes calls to US phones through VZ's voice lines and counts it against your airtime minutes. International calls are routed through Skype and billed to your Skype account. Skype to Skype voice calls from your mobile to another mobile or PC is always free and treated as data usage.

    If you're somewhere with poor cellphone coverage and really need WiFi, you're going to have to install both versions and log into the one that you are going to use (make sure you have enough space!).
  6. ml_nelson

    ml_nelson Newbie

    The regular version of Skype (non-Verizon version) does work on WiFi outside the US. I've used it to call home from Europe using a hotel's WiFi. The only goofy thing this version does is it casues sound to come out of the speaker on the back of the phone, not the earpiece. Stick an ear-bud in place & it's Ok & private.
  7. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I know that skype mobile for verizon only works over 3G.

    But I saw the news on new skype android app on here phandroid that says new skype android app would work on both WiFi and 3G. According the app description on the mark, it works over WiFi or 3G. I didn't try it yet. Did any confirm this?

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