skype not supported?


Hey all, today is my first day using the galaxy tab! I tried to log into skype but it says that it cannot cnnect at this time. I just downloaded the popular one from the android market app.

I had just assumed skype was suopported!

Also if anyone could quucjky durect an android noob to where he can enable the swype keyboard that would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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Skype - you must set up account on phone first. Also if you do not have front and rear facing cameras you only have call capability, no video calls. Swype - settings / language and keyboard. Tap swype.


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Honeycomb is not yet supported by Skype despite the fact you do have a front facing camera. Skype only recently released a Gingerbread video-calling compatible version and even that only covers a handful of phones (officially) so far.

Skype video calling on Honeycomb is just a matter of time.....officially or unofficially.


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Does audio calls work with the 10.1 just wondering or do we have to wait

Wife was attempting to do a video call last night and had no problem with the audio portion (just the video). I would assume, but cannot confirm, that a regular audio call would work fine.



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Since I posted this I thought I'd clarify I had trouble signing in at first, but that was likely a network problem.

As others have said, voice calls work superbly, no video yet though!