Skype on Android TV Box


Hi guy's,

I am considering getting an Android box to run Skype and a web cam on my TV. I have been told that even if you can get the cam to work with Android & Skype that the Android version of Skype only supports low res.

Can anyone tell me what res is possible with an Android & Skype setup?

I have not bought anything yet & I would like to get the right box and cam if it is doable.





Hi I just installed a camera on my Andriod TV Box.
tested audio with the skype test server so far it was a little broken but usable.
The cam icon comes waiting to test it.
My TV box is MBX reference board (fi6ref)
Ver 4.0.4
Kernel 2.6.34
Build ICS.MBX.20130116

How to rearrange the apps? The tv 80cm is not a touch screen.

The cam is a Microsoft Life cam HD either a 3000 or a 5000 $5.00 second hand