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Skype on the Droid/VZW

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Koolkid1935, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Since the forums were rolled back to a backup we inherently lost the thread that we were talking about Skype in, which was originally a thread on using strictly Wi-Fi to make calls.

    I would like to come to a conclusion on whether or not Skype uses 3G to actually make Skype to Skype calls. From what I can tell it doesn't. While it can't use Wi-Fi for whatever reason and requires 3G I am thinking it doesn't actually use the 3G to carry the call itself much in the way you would suspect a VoIP call would but instead only uses 3G to load your contact list and initiate the call. Luckily I still have the tab of the old thread open so I am just going to paste my last post before the forums were rolled back (if anyone wants any other posts let me know and I will quote them in).

    How can my phone be using 3G on a Skype to Skype call when the phone itself suspends the 3G data connection as presented by the mobile network state (fancy way of saying 3G connection) while I am in a call? I have no doubt there are credible resources that say Skype to Skype uses strictly 3G, but based on the evidence of what I am seeing on my phone I think Bigbee has it right.
    FWIW here are two video captures of me receiving and picking up a Skype to Skype call started from my computer made to the Skype account that I was signed into on my phone, notice that before I make the Skype to Skype call the mobile network state says Connected and as the call is coming through the 3G logo goes away and the mobile network state changes to Suspended, then the call comes in. I accept the call then go back to the status screen where the mobile network state/3G is still suspended...if it were using 3G data this should still say Connected. I end the call then 3G is restored and it changes back to Connected.
    YouTube - Droid Skype to Skype Call YouTube - Droid Skype to Skype Call 1

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