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Skype unusable on Sprint EVO wifi only

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chuck Bevitt, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Chuck Bevitt

    Chuck Bevitt Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It all started when the Sprint service went our where I live - my HTC EVO can't connect to the Sprint network from there, even though anywhere else in Los Angeles, it's fine. So while Sprint's trying to figure it out, I thought I'd run Skype so I could make calls from home using my home wifi. I downloaded and installed the latest version ( from the Android market.

    What I found was that Skype is unusable on my phone using wifi only. I can make a (voice only) call, but the sound is distorted and drops out so much that I only hear about two words in ten.

    When I try to use Skype away from my home where my Sprint service is working, it functions fine over the 3G connection. If I turn my 3G radio off and try it using only the wifi at work, it has the same problem.

    My phone was on Android 2.2 rooted, so I unrooted it and did the update that Sprint had been bothering me with to 2.3.3. No change.

    So it looks like Skype won't work over wifi from a Sprint HTC EVO. Has anyone else had this problem? Found an answer?

    PS: Meanwhile, I loaded Skype on my wifi iPad. It works absolutely flawlessly - better connection and sound quality (for voice only calls, all I've tried) then my cell phone has ever had. It's my new home phone.

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  2. mudzilla

    mudzilla Lurker

    Ya I'm having the same problem. I googled the problem to see if others were having the same issue and I found this thread. I'm not sure if its just this phone or if its Sprint. Maybe its skype cause you said you did have it rooted before. Let me know if you find a solution and ill do the same.


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