Help skype video not working on gnex


I installed Skype yesterday so I can chat with my son on his iPod Touch. When I try to initiate a call, it connects and I see him on my screen but he cannot see me. The gnex keeps telling me to enable video, which I do but to no avail.

I rooted and unlocked my gnex a few months ago and I am still using ICS (I refused the JB update).

Any solution to this issue?


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I have used Skype on my Gnex without issue to a windows pc. Maybe the issue is on the Apple side.

I am rooted and run custom ROM. Skype has worked before and after root and new ROM


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Have you tried using it with another user/phone?

Skype has been an inconsistent app for Android. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Tim K

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I tried to let my kids Skype with my wife last night. Worked fine on my end but on her Razr it wasn't transmitting video to me on my gnex or pc. I think Skype is flaky. Google talk 'video chat' always seems to work for us though.