Jul 16, 2013
United Kingdom
Hi there - I'm new to the forum so I apologise if this has been resolved already, but I can't find a fix for it anywhere online.

I bought a refurbished and unlocked Skyrocket SGH-I727 on eBay, and upon receiving the handset I've encountered a problem. Basically when I try and turn the phone on with the SIM card inserted it comes on for a few seconds, then shows an error message stating 'USIM Information Has Changed. Reboot.' It then reboots itself but when it comes back on it shows the same error message and continues the reboot loop.

The phone works fine without the SIM card, but obviously I can't make any calls or access any of my contacts without it so I need to get this sorted as quickly as possible.

The SIM card is about 3 years old, but I read somewhere else that as long as the phone is unlocked it doesn't matter what kind of card you put in it - is this right or do I need to contact Orange about getting a USIM card? I apologise if these are stupid questions, but I'm kind of a noob when it comes to this stuff.

If it helps, here are the details stored on the phone.

Model Number: SHW-M250S
Firmware Version: 2.3.5
Baseband Version: M250S.EI21.0712.ST
Kernel Version:
Build Number: GINGERBREAD.EJ04

It may also help to know that the phone is from Seoul in Korea (I am in the UK) and seems to still have some settings registered there (eg. the phone keypad has both a 'To Korea' and a 'To Global' option for making calls, and the keys have both the English and Korean alphabet on them).

Again, sorry if any of these comments are vague or stupid, but I don't know a great deal about this stuff. If someone out there could help it would be great, I'm stuck without a phone until this gets sorted!
Hello and welcome to the forums, EmpathDigital.

Yes, as you stated, contacting your carrier/provider of choice about the SIM card would be the best thing to do. I would not hesitate to do that. ;)