Help Slacker and btunes


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Apr 30, 2010
Anybody else having problems with Slacker randomly going into fast forward mode and just skipping through songs before it even starts playing any of them?

I also had an issue with btunes where it would just start up and be playing in the background while slacker was playing. Very odd and very annoying so I removed btunes for now. Wondering if anybody else has had issues.

i have had zero issues with Slacker and i use it pretty much daily. i don't use btunes, so i cant comment there.
Are you having this issue when you connect to your audio system? If so yea., many are having this annoying issue. The temp solution is to get a quality cable to be used in 3.5mm slot.
Yea, it is when I hook it to my car input. I bought a radio shack cable. I also have one with gold ends that retracts. It seemed like the cable was aweful thin, but will have to give it another shot. Removed btunes and slacker so will re-install and try again.


i have no problems with the audio jack. i have plugged quite a few things into it with no issues. aux cable to my car stereo, aux cable to my home theater system, aux cable to my dads home theater system at his house, cheap portable powered speakers at work, 2 different pairs of headphones, a patch cable from my phone's headphone jack to my computers mic input to measure frequency response, and i have also used it to test random powered speakers at work.

never had any issues with mine.