Android Expert
Nov 13, 2009
New York, USA
The latest update for the Slacker app is a "DO NOT WANT" for me. It's bad enough it's integrated in my phone and I can't do ANYTHING to get rid of it short of rooting, which I can't do, but now there's a new app permission that allows it to START ON BOOT!. NO THANK YOU! Guess I'll live with it bugging me to update that app all the time.
I'm guessing it's probably a system app. I'm also guessing that it starts automatically right now and the OP doesn't realize it.
The "Start at boot" permission is a new one for the update, which is why it's a manual update (new permissions) and why I'm able to ignore it. The worst part, one wouldn't know about the new permission unless they tapped the See All part. IMO, ANY new permissions should appear in the main section, you shouldn't have to tap anything in order to see new permissions. Is the start at boot permission a new one that the app had before but it just wasn't advertised? I just wrote a 1-star for it and explained the concerns.

Yes, this is one of the "system apps" included with Sense on my T-Bolt, along with the likes of Blockbuster, Bitbop, Peep, Rock band, etc. There's no way to simply remove those, though they seem to start on their own (some do anyway) and consume memory and possibly battery.