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Slayher themes

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Crazy_J, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Crazy_J

    Crazy_J Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Slayher's Exodus themed rom is running smooth n fast on my d1. Has tons of customizing options, so much so with a Oregon ducks football background my phone now looks like its running an Oregon themed rom. I downloaded it via ROM Manager pro.

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  2. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    Could you please post a link to the original thread?? I was not aware that Slayher was working on a ROM or theme and would love to check them out!
  3. twistedlim

    twistedlim Android Expert

    They are in Rom Manager and for Cyanogen roms so they probably don't get a lot of mention.
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  4. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

    Wow, I did not realize the he was the creator of the Genesis themed CM! I ran it back when CM was on version or some time around then. I loved it, very nicely themed. So these appear to be the same but on CM6. Cool. I'm assuming there is no difference between these and CM6 other than the images correct? I could not find a thread on the CM6 ROMs, only the 2.1 ROMs.
  5. highosthunter

    highosthunter Newbie

    I'm running Genesis v2.0 with Slayher's 125-1250 kernel and love it. (right above Exodus in RM.) Been trying to search all over for info about the ROM but like Crazy said, no mention.

    Btw, is Slayher a female? Thought I saw a post somewhere from Slayher that showed a screenshot from his/her phone with a pic of a female and something on the phone that said Sarah Layher or something like that. Also, one of the ROMs in RM is "RockerGirl." Just wondering because I see everyone referring to Slayher as him or he.
  6. highosthunter

    highosthunter Newbie


    Yeah, see...Sarah! (Sorry, this was just bugging me. If I was as awesome as her, I'd want people to refer to my gender properly! lol.)

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