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Sleep Sounds: Relaxing sounds, Meditation & calm

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Sleep Sounds, May 14, 2021.

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    Insomnia? Trouble sleeping? Trouble in meditation?
    Don't worry, Sleep Sounds: Relaxing sounds, Meditation & calm is here for you to solve problem. Relax & sleep with relaxing sounds, nature sounds, sleep sounds, meditation sounds and calm with free sleep sounds.
    Why sleep sounds best for you:
    * Sleep sounds helps you fall asleep like a baby
    * Relaxing sounds relax you & improve your mood
    * Meditation sounds helps you to do meditation & release stress ‍♂️
    * Sleep sounds help you more focused

    The main features of the sleep sounds
    ✭ High quality sleep sounds.
    ✭ Create mixes of relaxing sounds & sleep sounds.
    ✭ Works offline. No network required to play meditation sounds & sleep
    ✭ Play the sleep sounds & relaxing music background mode & be calm.
    ✭ A sleep timer is there in the relaxing music app to automatically turn of
    sleep sounds.
    ✭ Beautiful design & background images of sleep sound app.
    ✭ Make a favourite list of meditation sounds, nature sounds, rain sounds &
    sleep sounds.
    ✭ Improve & help in snoring problem.
    ✭ All sounds are free & always will be.

    The main sounds in the sleep sounds app

    ✭ Forest Sounds
    ✭ Rain sounds
    ✭ Rain forest
    ✭ River sounds
    ✭ Ocean sounds
    ✭ Countryside sounds
    ✭ Relaxing Sounds
    ✭ Meditation Sounds
    ✭ Sleep Sounds
    ✭ Relax Music
    ✭ Wave sounds
    ✭ Nature sounds
    ✭ Home sounds
    ✭ Instrumental sounds & many more.

    Sleep sounds is the best app for you to fall asleep, meditations & relax your mood.

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  2. olbriar


    I created a channel for your app. Thanks for sharing and good luck.
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Sleep Sounds Free - Relaxing Sounds, Sleep & Relax

Sleep Sounds Free - Relaxing Sounds, Sleep & Relax Forum


Trouble to fall asleep? Insomnia? No problem!
Play our carefully selected soothing sounds and you will sleep like a baby. Enjoy the high quality sleep sounds and wake up refreshed. Such sounds are also great for relaxation, concentration and study. Simply select the desired sound or create your own mix using these HD sounds: ✔ Rain ✔ Rain on window ✔ Heavy rain ✔ Thunder (thunderstorm) ✔ Waterfall ✔ Sea ✔ Creek ✔ Mountain river ✔ Strong wind in trees ✔ Winter wind ✔ Forest ✔ Jungle ✔ Crickets ✔ Frogs ✔ Fireplace ✔ Cat purring ✔ Train ✔ Car ✔ Bus ✔ Airplane ✔ Air conditioner ✔ Fan ✔ Vacuum cleaner ✔ Hair dryer ✔ Washing machine ✔ Shower ✔ Boiling kettle ✔ Pure white noise ✔ Pure pink noise ✔ Pure brown noise ✔ Pure blue noise App features: ✔ 32 sleep sounds - relaxing sounds for sleeping ✔ Infinite playback ✔ Timer with soft fade out ✔ Mixer with support for adjusting the volume of each sound in the mix ✔ Background audio support ✔ No full-screen ads ✔ Offline working ✔ Lightweight and easy to use

April 20, 2020
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