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Sleeper phone of 2017, must read article!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DCJ1975, Oct 17, 2017.

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    Aug 16, 2016

    Aug 16, 2016
    Respond to this post of you own a Axon 7 Mini if you will. I'm curious as to how many of you owners are out there. If you have one then it's 100 percent safe to say you indeed have the sleeper phone of the year 2017. Think about it when you pick your phone up next time. Check out the build quality. The high end all metal no plastic premium build. Then go to YouTube and take a listen to your favorite song or watch your favorite movie or something. The speakers are nothing short of amazing. Then go to your browser and check out the speed of the 617 processor in this phone. It's plenty fast and zippy. In fact I've not experienced any lag in my Axon 7 Mini at all. Then open your camera up and take a few photos. They are crisp. They are clear. The shutter is fast. It's 16 megapixels strong. Then take a look at the amoled display. Check out how punchy the and vibrant the colors are. The resolution is sharp, crisp and clear even though it being 1080p it's HAD Amoled. Have I left anything out on this phone. If I have please feel free to add to my post more features about this phone as I want to see what I've left out that is important in what makes a phone good and not average. So with that said we us owners of this phone the Axon 7 Mini get all of the above mentioned for only $199. Taking all of that into account there is no other phone on the market that comes close to what you get with a Axon 7 Mini for the money you spend. I mean what other phone on the current market gives you top notch features some being flagship level such as the build and speakers that you can easily compare price wise to the Axon 7 Mini? I buy and sell a ton of phones. I mean a lot. I know for a fact that why this phone has not simply flown off the shelves is merely the fact that it's actually priced so low that most mobile phone consumers have written this phone off to be cheap and on par with that of of other sub 200 dollar phones which if you think about it, if you have not picked up this phone and held it, listened to it, browsed through web with it and take pictures with it you'd automatically think that you get what you pay for. So in fact this phone has been widely written off by even the major phone article companies to be that of a cheap $199 phone. Well they are right about it being cheap but they have omitted the most important thing. User quality. There is simply not another phone for this price that gives you anything near what the Axon 7 Mini gives you. I mean it's become my daily driver. For me to say that means something because I do go through just that many phones. Will it become my back up phone to my newest phone I have coming? Well yes, but that phone will have a 820 processor and was once a $700 dollar phone upon it's initial release meaning it was a flagship phone in 2016. What I'm saying is that there is a reason all of us Axon 7 Mini owners still have this phone and still use it on it on a daily basis. You get an upper level mid ranger device for the price of a very low tiered phone in today's current market standards. Look at the regular Axon 7 for example. That phone is flagship in every since of the word but you only pay $399 for it. That's the price of a decent mid ranger in itself right there. My conclusion is that most consumers and even professional writers which by the way I can do much better than most of them have simply written the Axon 7 Mini off to being portayed to that of in which the price would lead one to believe it is. Which is cheap. That can be the only reason this phone never took off. In fact it's the only reason. You know most people think they can put a price on everything meaning if you spend cheaply then you in turn buy cheaply meaning you get a cheap product. I'll be honest. This phone would have sold better had ZTE left the price at $299 because right then and there people automatically would have placed this phone in another category being a step up above cheap. To the professional writers, what's wrong in today's market that a company can produce quality and the consumer actually get a good deal as opposed to the price being the very means to a product being worthy or not. Simply put Axon 7 Mini owners out there we got what you call a good deal. What a nice breath of fresh air in such a greed filled industry we are in. My hats off to ZTE for going against the grain and offering a high level quality product at a below market value price which equals nothing more than a what is called a good deal. So in ending this post the Axon 7 Mini is by far and away the sleeper phone of 2017. To those consumers and writers who stuck their nose up to the $199 price tag, well shame on you for not doing the least bit of homework and research when only to look at a phones worth by it's price tag. This is the society we live in today. Writers included. Just because a phone is selling for $199 does not always mean it's made of cheap plastic and poor quality build. Sadly though majority of consumers and professional writers have simply done that here and wow did they get it entirely all wrong. This is the best and well made phone that $199 can buy and to those those that think just because it's $199 it's worthless, there is not a piece of plastic on this phone. The speakers are the best you can get in the idustfy. The processor is that of a mid range phone which that's what the Axon 7 Mini is. The 1080p amoked display cones both on mid range and flagship phones. There is just not any other way around the fact that majority of the market got it totally wrong on this phone. Pick this phone up and use it for a few weeks and then read my article again and tell me that price is everything and the quality of a product basically means nothing. I think by far and away this is the best mid range phone on the market for this price and that my friends is a absolute fact. Thank you for reading. Respond if I've missed anything or if you'd like to add anything here. I'm sure I've missed some things so definitely feel free to add your comments and thoughts to this post


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