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Discussion in 'Application Requests' started by Dutchmarco, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Dutchmarco

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    Feb 13, 2010
    For those - like me - who suffer from insomnia and like to keep track of when they woke up during the night (this should be possible several times, since the an insomniac could wake up several times a night.).
    It's basically one activity with one big button (spanning the entire screen)- so thaht when you tap the screen, it registers the time you tapped that button. and the user will have to be able to be able to see a list of the times he's tapped the button - Maybe also alow the user to register the time he went to bed.
    Maybe show athe clockon the button...

    I was thinking of making this my first Android-development project, but let's get started on programming for Android first - and I'd have to learn Java programming first as well.
    I can see a few problems here: the locked screen - can this be kept offby an app? Thinking about that,leads me to the next issue: screen lighting must be dimmable/power-off-able by the app - if you keep the screen unlocked.

    This app would be most useful for during sleep tests, and talks with the doctor afterwards.


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