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SleepTimer no longer working with Froyo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by anleva, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. anleva

    anleva Member
    Thread Starter

    It can no longer kill another program after setting the countdown timer. I used to use it every night to listen to music and then have it shut everything down.

    My understanding after talking with the developer is that Froyo has removed the ability for developers to kill programs. Supposedly with root access there is workaround, but I am not rooted.

    Unfortunate, it's a great app and hopefully something that will be allowed in future Android versions.

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  2. Kelita

    Kelita Android Enthusiast

    I noticed this last night/this morning as well. I decided to put Pandora on, set my sleep timer for 30 minutes and woke up at 4 am with it still playing. When I pulled up Sleep Timer, it gave me a pop up saying you needed root access and that wasn't needed with 2.1. It was a great app, hopefully the dev will fix it.

    Edit: App had an update available today. Seems to be working fine. :)

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