slideit trial expiration...can't login in to motoblur


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i was using a trial of slideit, and it apparently has expired. the problem is that i took the sim out of my phone (i use two phones) and now that i am trying to use the atrix again, i am getting the motoblur account login screen.

the quandary is i can't do anything, because every time i type something, i get the trial expiration notice from slideit. i can't get to my settings to change the keyboard.

wth am i supposed to do??? :) do i really have to do a reset of the phone to get this fixed?




You shouldn't have to go to settings to change the keyboard. Simply press and hold in any text field, and you should get a pop up giving you the choice of which keyboard to use


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thank you! i didn't know that (probably should have), but they should remind you of that on their screen.