Help Slow dialer response


I have Defy without Blur, as being sold in India. I find that the Dialer that comes with the phone is very slow. Response to touches once in Contact screen lags a lot, dialing from contacts screen is also very slow, and usually very very slow to end a call, sometimes taking as much as 10-15 seconds to recognize the touch and end the call.

I don't find any such issue with any other application.

Anybody else face similar issue?


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I have done some investigation and it seems like if 2G data access is turned on always, the phone gets locked up accessing 2G data at times, and more so in the Dialer. Whenver it got locked-up and not responding in Dialer, I could see the two up/down arrows of 2G data access ON and as soon as those went off, the Dialer came back to life :(

I hope Froyo update will solve some of such problems.


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It may not get fixed if they don't know about it. You may want to open a case with Motorola, and/or Google engineers, as I doubt most people on "this" board have "India-specific" Defys.