Slow download speed with ethernet


Hi all,

First post here. I'm having issues with download speeds on on my android box - an Amlogic M8S+.

When I plug my 5 year old laptop into the (fibre optic) router via ethernet, I get 100 mbps down, 20mbps up - as per what I pay for. When I plug the android box in I get 30-40 mbps down, 20mbps up.

I get buffering when streaming live tv (paid service) and it's very frustrating. Anyone have any tips beyond clearing cache and amending the standard 3 advanced settings?? I feel like it's the box and not Kodi, as the speedtest itself is being run through the Ookla Speedtest app.

Thanks in advance.


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Just to clarify, when you're switching between your laptop and your Amlogic you are a) using the same Ethernet patch cable and b) have that cable plugged into the same port on your router, yes? I just want to eliminate any discrepancies. Also could you use a common speed test for both -- if you use a web browser to access that's a nice speed test site that works well with any modern browser (computer, tablet, or phone) as it's based on html5.

Even at 30 Mbps I wouldn't think you'd have buffering issues, unless you're viewing 4k content. If you have you already tried viewing anything at a low or standard resolution does it still stutter and have buffering?
Maybe try changing your router settings so your Amlogic has a reserved IP, or just turning off DHCP and use assigned addresses. Another thing to try is messing around with your router's QoS (Quality of Service) settings.