Help Slow Droid X


Recently in the last couple days, my droid has been SO slow.. I use LauncherPro Plus and Beautiful Widgets.
anyone else experiencing the same thing?


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yes I also use LauncherPro and I have 7 screens loaded with apps an widgets, it is also rooted, lately it seems to be not as snappy as it used to be when I first bought it! Battery life has been great though!


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I am having the same issue the funny thing is as I was starting to type this my phone rang I answered it after the call ended my X went completely black had to pull the battery to get it started again. I am going to uninstall launcher pro to see if that makes a difference first.


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Same setup here--LP, but also running Juice Defender. Seems LP has a hard time keeping the cache. I hit the home screen selector button, and there is a noticeable lag the first time it opens. If I do it again right away, it is snappy. But if I don't uses it for an hour or so, it goes back to laggy. Screen swipes are the same thing.


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I'm having the same problem. I use LP too. Right now the text input in the stock browser can't even keep up with my typing.


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I just cleared my X of old texts and used history eraser and it is now snappy no lag at all typing very fast again.
Try killing any open tasks that you aren't using and don't forget to clear your cache occasionally. Mine is very responsive because I kill any unused tasks a couple times a day. Only takes a couple seconds but makes the battery life fantastic.


If your rooted, Download, Cache cleaner, off the market, makes a big difference. Also if you have downloaded a ton of programs, get a task manager, and kill a few of the programs that your not using.


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Phone has been running very smooth since I cleaned out all the trash. No issues typing anymore and no reboots at all looks like it is the fix!


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Change to a non-live wallpaper to see if that makes a diff.

I found my beautiful weather needed to be slowed down to get my responsiveness back.