Slow Launching Apps and Slow Home Launcher


Issue: Takes 2-3 seconds to launch applications. and after usage, while coming back to home screen, the launcher takes 4-5 seconds. It's very frustrating.

Internal Memory: 420MB (free 50 MB) so moved almost all movable apps to SD Card.

Applications: Many Major Apps Installed.

As per the 'NQ Android Browser' the RAM usage is always more than 80%.

Even the Phone Book and Dialer Pad takes 3-4 seconds to launch and most of the times, my first attempt of dialing a number would not be successful. I should try 2nd time again to have successful call dialed.

Kindly help me out with my problems. It's very irritating and frustrating with this performance of my phone.


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I hardly use the browser. Well I've Opera-Mini installed. and it's Sony Xperia Ray ST18i (as you can see, I've logged this thread under the Phone Category itself)