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Slow loading gallery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zoole, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. zoole

    zoole Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hi,i'm a newbie here.bought my sgs2 3 days ago.i just wanna know if somebody can help me with my problem.opening the gallery takes 20+ seconds of loading before showing all the files.just happened recently.if i remove the memory card,gallery loads like it always did,which is fast.i want to know how to resolve this problem.any help?


  2. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    you propably have very low speed sd card. class 1 or 2 and/or too many pictures there.
  3. zoole

    zoole Lurker
    Thread Starter

    my sd card is class 4.i deleted some pics.no effect.will try to delete some more if it has any effect at all

    *edit-no effect whatsoever.please help T.T
  4. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    I get this sometimes, so its not to do with the card in my case.
    If the gallery is slow loading and seems to be hanging, I close it and re-open it straight away, and it then opens up in a flash.
  5. zoole

    zoole Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i tried doing that but to no avail.still keeps on hanging even after closing and re-opening it after.
  6. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    Might be worth copying your external card out to your PC, format it, then copy everything back on, and give it a defrag for good measure.
  7. zoole

    zoole Lurker
    Thread Starter

    okay,thanks for the tip.will try that.update on how it goes.
  8. adamantell

    adamantell Well-Known Member

    i have 400 pictures and around 35 3-15mins clips and sometimes it loads in 0.1sec and most time takes 4-5sec and every now and then takes 20+sec and dont even open

    i have NO sd card just internal memory....

    think its a bug with it as like i say most time its 4-5sec when i have a lot of stuff to load its ok but 20+ and then not too load its really poor....

    anyone has a fix?
  9. rabben

    rabben Member

    Same problem here! All in all I'm waiting a lot on most things on my phone!
    The update to 2.3.4 doesnt seem to make it any better either:-(
  10. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Android Expert

    Use an alternative gallery - most of us end up with Quickpic (free from the Market) because the default galleries speed issues.
  11. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    sd card speed is irrelevant when reading pictures
    i dunno where u got ur info from but it's wrong
    rabben likes this.
  12. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    oh is it ? so why there are 10 classes of sd card available... ?
  13. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    for reading/writing videos with size over 1GB?

    if u drive a porche, r u going to beat someone on a bike to the corner store?
    again, think before u post
  14. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    oh yes, my mistake, you are right mr smartass ;) are you proud of yourself ?
  15. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    why should i be proud educating a troll?
    look at the amount of post u have on page 1
    if u post something useful it's ok, but u r just wasting everyone's time
  16. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    seriously ? so why already 36ppl thanked me for help? and only 9 to you ? and compare that with amount of post you have and i... and you claim that i`m the one who is spamming/trolling.... congratulations :)
  17. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    lol 36 thanked u for help?
    u prolly made another account and thanked urself
    from all the replies u post on my thread none is with any merit or proof
  18. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    buahahah yes! i have another account and i thank myself! congratulations :D only reason i cant help you is jus YOURSELF. and i`m not the only one on this forum who tried to help you but with no results... and yes this means that we are all useless and stupid and you r smartass :D oh men, i better get another coffe instead of sleep cause i see i will rather die first from laugh than go to sleep today.
  19. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    r u saying u post useful information to everyone else but me? that's very bad of u, get lost and go to sleep
  20. Twinn

    Twinn Android Expert

    yes! i tried help you few times but you are "help resistant" so i gave up.
  21. jaliy

    jaliy Android Expert

    nah u never helped u trolled
    and i don't need ur help
  22. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    Classes only really come into the fore when you consider write speeds so if your going to do lots of hd video recording then the higher class the better.

    Also such to genuine sandisk and not bargain "sandisk" cards off ebay which are almost certainly fake. These report high capacities where they are most probably only 2gb and are horrendously slow.

    There is a utility you can download to test the genuine capacity of your card. Google it, download it and give it a go.
  23. iscarus

    iscarus Lurker

    I've had the slow gallery load prob - fixed it by switching off auto picture upload to cloud, clearing RAM and full reboot, including battery removal.
    As a start I would try a reboot
  24. 27enemies

    27enemies Lurker

    More than likely you have solved this problem or used Quickpic by now surely.

    For anyone else reading this post later trying to solve their problem...

    I use the Program Monitor Widget (standard on phone) to check my ram usage and close apps using way too much (ie facebook. When you close it whilst its loading, it tends to suck up ram.) When i have no apps running gallery is very quick to load.
  25. MsDee

    MsDee Lurker

    I've got a new Note II, having the same issue from Day 1... Slowwwwwwwww loading the Gallery :(

    Hardly any pics... seems to want to load all my facebook and other online galleries before displaying local photos. Where could one turn off that "option"?

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