Help Slow screen response on Razr Maxx


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I recently did a FDR but I am once again having delayed screen responses. I try to scroll through a twitter feed or a website and I either get a system error that the app isn't responding and do I want to wait, report or close or in Chrome it frequently thinks I'm trying to select text and goes into select mode.

Is it a memory issue?



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I am having the same issue. I keep getting this message about Facebook. I have refresh intervals turned to never, I've cleared cache, clear data, rebooted & it keeps happening. I'm having major lag, & other apps like contact keep randomly giving me that message. It's driving me insane!


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I don't think you two are actually having problems with the touch screen itself, sounds like your just having lagging issues from a slow running phone. My suggestion wld be to clear cache, if that dsnt work, then a FDR, but I think you have tried those! Maybe start deleting apps one at a time to see if there is a rogue app creating havoc or not!


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Mine lags like crazy a lot too. Hate it! I often send data to Google to try to get this resolved. It says something like 'FNR key data timed out' or some such thing. Facebook is bad and Chrome is horrendous with it! I stopped using Chrome just because it continues to lag and freeze.


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Did you try putting it in safe mode, had same issues, lots of lag, goog search very slow and at times not responding, slow loading web pages.. put in safe mode and unbelievable, as fast as first day I got it, goog search came right up, web page right up, everything loaded quickly. Finally after clearing cache, FDR which neither helped as I was reloading the same prob 3rd party app or widget, so did the safe mode to see the issue for me was not the phone, issue finding which app. The biggest problem for me so far was handscent, uninstalling it helped a lot, still going thru other apps as I have quite a few. Trying go SMS now which is posing no problems... Give safe mode a try to see if phone performance greatly improves like my maxx.

BTW... got the new nexus 7 tablet, wow amazing screen and speed, hardly using my maxx now except for calls, mail, texts, navigation and occassional searches... Hope my next phone is this slick, maybe new nexus 5 in Nov.