Slow speeds on 4G and 3G?


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The last couple of days I have noticed some very sluggish speeds on both 4G and even 3G. I ran a speedtest a little bit ago and got about 766ms ping, about 4Mb/s down and 2.5Mb/s up. A 3G test showed around 300ms ping and about .5Mb/s up and down. I did the standard power/volume up/volume down and then a real battery pull, and still slow. It's not constantly horrible, sometimes the ping is around 70-80ms but the speeds have not gone over 8Mb/s.

Verizon of course is no help, they say there is nothing going on. Personally, I don't think this is a phone issue but rather a network issue. Could I be wrong and something is wrong with my Bionic (wifi is fine)? I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or if it likely local to my area.


I fight this issue week with my mifi, which is what i use for my home internet, i think its a way for verizon to throttle you or your tower may be extremely crowded.

Im 7 miles from a tower and even on my bionic on 3G i will get about .50Mbps down and .40Mbps up. I was close to a 4G tower a week ago and i ran a speedtest and my bionic kicked out 32Mbps down and 20Mbps up.

But i have noticed that certain times of the day it will be slower than other times due to traffic on the tower.


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I realize that some times will be slower than others due to traffic, but this was close to midnight. As far as throttling, they better not throttle me when I pay for 4GB of data and never once gone over. In fact, never gone over 2GB and am at 800MB for this month.