Cold Water

Apr 22, 2019
i have an fpr problem
i tried every thing
i flashed it
restarted it
flashed again
break the heck of it
but nothin is working...
and it's been pain...
i downloaded the right firmwares
but sadly the frp lock is preventing me from everything
my live has ended..
help please

yeah frp is a pain unless you remember the email you used and its password. there are ways to get around it, but here at AF, the site frowns upon such discussion.
aight,thanks, i did not know i swear

i swear i am straight,it's just my life and my luck...

P.s: you can see how desperate I Am here, it's been so many hours tryin to solve this issue
i even called Apple and say i need to unlock Icloud for a customer once XD
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