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Small business just started using the evo can you text via a computer?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mjb989s, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. mjb989s

    mjb989s Lurker
    Thread Starter

    We are a small hvac company who just switched from nextel phones to the evo. We use to dispatch calls via direct connect and use the Tikl application to direct connect on the evo and it works great. However we are finding that texting is an easier way to communicate with the office, Problem: Our secretary wants to use her computer keyboard to type out texts, does anyone know if you can hook up your computer to the evo and generate texts that way or any other solution to text our phones via the computer? Thanks a bunch!

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  2. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    A few thoughts come to mind

    1. You can log into your sprint.com account and type texts from there.
    2. Bluetooth keyboard
    3. Use Google Talk. You can download the PC app to use on the computer and the app on the phone. Talk back and forth between the two.
  3. nkk

    nkk Android Expert

    Get your secretary a Google Voice account.

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  4. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Google voice. It's not exclusive any more, why not try it?
  5. RestivoBC

    RestivoBC Well-Known Member

    I third Google Voice! She'll get a seperate phone number and can do everything from her computer: call and text!

    Very worth it.. and it's FREE.
  6. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Not to mention, cheaper than DIRT for international calls if you got relatives across seas!
  7. Moviela

    Moviela Lurker

    textem.net works for me. I also like google voice, but it is hard to find a number near LA.
  8. IAmSixNine

    IAmSixNine Well-Known Member

    Replace the secretary.. :)

    WOW cant believe HVAC techs went from Nextels to EVOs, thats a massive upgrade for a guy who is in the field getting his hands dirty. Wonder how long it will take for the first evo to break or be damaged in some way.
  9. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    I like it... seems like they are outfitting their people with serious tech that can make them more responsive in the field. The options are limitless... think of a tech that could, say, show a customer a precise schematic of their item, and prices and such. Less cumbersome than a laptop.

    Seems smart to me... if the devices are insured, reduced risk on that front. Savvy business move.
  10. IAmSixNine

    IAmSixNine Well-Known Member

    I was leaning more towards the aspect of a device thats not rugged at all (unless an appropriate type of case / housing is added) i DO see the benefit of going more hi tech.
    You forgot to mention the ability to process credit card transactoins on the spot.
    As well as what you said, email info to customers, check parts availability and pricing for customer. Your absolutely right, i can see how it will improve production, just hope they spent the few extra bucks to get the hardware some protection.

    Hopefully there will be follow up in a few months with some info on how well they are performing.
  11. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    Well said.

    I agree... EVOs are far from rugged, so that is a very valid point.
  12. treborcj

    treborcj Android Enthusiast

    You can text using your computer. Open a new email (whatever email system you use) and in the To: field type


    Where is says phone number enter their phone number. I just tested and it works.
  13. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    I'll agree with those who said Google Voice. I text from my computer all day at work from it and it's wonderful. It's a very integrated part of my life now.
  14. i know more what your looking for...you want to be able to literally have your texts sent to your computer by your phone and when u reply to the text on the computer it sends the message through your phone.

    theres this app called Texdro. trust me its exactly what your looking for. the ui on the computer isnt that amazing but it gets the job done
  15. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    You can also text from your sprint account online.
  16. PGR

    PGR Well-Known Member

    Do you think an Evo is much less rugged than a Hero?

    I'm a hands-on maintenance supervisor for a 3-building contract pharmaceutical manufacturing company. I work on the HVAC systems, chillers, hot water and steam boilers, cooling towers, backup generators, forklifts, vehicles, cubicles and furniture ... It goes on and on.

    I carried this Hero for a year:



    It's been in a Seidio Innocase Surface II, had a Boxwave Anti-Glare screen protector on it, and I've carried it in the Seidio Clip Holster the entire time. I was gentle with it for the first month, but then it just became a tool on my belt. It's hit the floor several times, I've lost track of the times that I've rolled on it, and I think I've dragged it across every wall and piece of equipment in each building.

    And here's how it looks now without the case on it:


    The front looks just as good, but I couldn't get a decent picture of it due to the glare off the screen. In essence, it looks and works as good as new despite everything I did to it.

    Now I'm carrying an Evo in a Seidio Innocase Surface with a Boxwave Anti-Glare screen protector on it and I'm carrying it in a Seidio Clip Holster. Perhaps I'm being unreasonable, but I expect to have a similiar experience with this setup as I did with the Hero.

    And I miss my trackball. :(

  17. IAmSixNine

    IAmSixNine Well-Known Member

    Your adding accessories to make it rugged. The original statement of it not being a rugged phone is correct. The device on its own is not designed for heavy field use. I have an evo, (well had switched to an epic today to test it out) and I use a similar case on mine too make it more durable.
  18. Painkillaz

    Painkillaz Well-Known Member

    If she connects her phone to her desktop via USB and uses PDAnet you can use SMS like an instant messenger box on your desktop..but the only downside is that she would have to actually use the USB tethering feature to be able to use that..so she would no longer be using the "work" network connection but will be getting network connectivity from her evo..which would then allow her to bypass firewalls/etc...so depending on your company that could be an issue

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