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Do Bluetooth speakers with media controls work with the S5 so I can pause by pressing a button on the speaker?

Some speakers (such as the Onkyo X6) appear to have play/pause controls combined with the (to me useless) call button but it's not clear what this means - maybe just that music pauses/plays automatically when a call comes in. (The manual says that music pauses when there's a call but doesn't specify what that button does when there's no call, on some (all?) others it loads the phone app.)

Other suggestions for small speakers with media controls very welcome!


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good question.

I have a Blue Tooth speaker that I bought several years ago when I had a Nokia slide phone.
The quality of that thing was not good enough for me to use, a total waste of my money....

se la vie.


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I bought a small cubic one made by Anker a couple of years ago.

And whislt the quality clearly isn't going to compare with hifi quality kit the sound is surprisingly good from such a small box.

The buttons on it will pause the playing track and skip to the next track..


Usually a "call" button on a BT speaker is for answering incoming calls, and then the speaker works as a hands-free speaker-phone. Call finishes and the music should continue playing.

If it's combined with play/pause, it will do its normal music control function.


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Never had the need to run it as a speakerphone before... But I can see how some people would find that useful.

Most of the time I use some Bluetooth stereo headphones which work in a similar way


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I have the Jawbone mini. Works great inside or in a limited outside area. Can't use it on the pontoon. But the quality is very good. Button controls on the speaker for volume/time/battery info and more.


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Is that the one with 3 buttons on top? Can you use the first button to play/pause music? Jawbone have a pretty good reputation.

I managed to use a Bluetooth speaker set in a shop today and the media controls worked perfectly so that's pleasing. They only had a small selection of cheap ones but I feel a lot more confident about spending money online.