Help Small yellow band on screen


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I've noticed a small, vertical yellow rectangle ( 1cm x .3cm) in the upper left corner which is only visible on very light or white backgrounds. I've had the phone for about 6 weeks, and am fairly positive it wasn't there originally. Has anyone seen or heard about this?


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Test it by verifying that it is the screen. This can be done by taking a screen shot and then looking at the picture on another device to verify that it is a screen defect.

If it is a defect I would definitely try to replace it, though it is a small defect it may not qualify for replacement without cost.


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That was the first thing I did. It doesn't show up in a screenshot. I'll try to post a picture of it in a bit.

So, if just for me, I could learn to live with it. I'm thinking mainly about resale value. But if repairing it will cost me, then that would be a wash. And, since I'm almost positive out wasn't there when I first got the phone, I'm hoping this isn't a progressive problem.