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I am in no way, shape, or form associated with these guys. I just find their product to be a great design and they need a little help getting it off the ground. I've chosen to donate $5, but if I had the $65 it took to guarantee a controller I would have thankfully given them that. Here's a link to their pledge site:

Smart Controllers by Evolution Controllers — Kickstarter

Here's a picture of the product:


It's a new Bluetooth controller that's open source and compatible with all tablet platforms. Let's get these guys off the ground!


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Here's an update:

Update #10: Huge Success!

Posted 5 minutes ago

Hey Backers,

Although this project was not “funded” it was a HUGE success! You guys gave us invaluable information, support, feedback and we made some great connections.

We wanted to let you know that we are moving forward! We are working with our manufactures on prices, new versions, colors etc. We also just received the dual analog joystick PCB’s so prototypes will be up and running soon, just need to write the additional code and do some testing.

To get the inside news on what we are doing come join us and keep your eyes open for the progress:
Revamping of the site
Building an extensive “compatible” Game database
Forums will be opening
Release of the SDK to those who ask for it..


- Team Evolution

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